Touch a whole new world of possibilities

Suddenly, keeping customers angaged is simple and clear. No longer limited to static, samll screen displays, you can transform you large LCD and plasma panels into interactive information stations. With Actalyst interactive digital siganage, you empower customers to access customized information that you provide. Everything’s right at their fingertips – gift registries, product details, directions, chek-in services or event and exhibit information.

Elevate the experience

A large, vivid, interactive display attracts attention. It draws people in and keeps them involved. You enable your customers to explore at their own pace, make purchases directly and find information themselves so they don’t have to ask for help. You’ll be able to reach more people with fewer staff. Your customers will appreciate the choice of having instant access to relevant information that they control.

Rely on award-winning touch technology

Powered by an innovative system, the Actalyst interactive overlay provides precise touch control of your display while preserving its high image quality. Moreover, the durable touch-friendly, anti-glare, scratch and chemical-resistant surface protects your panel. SMART Technologies Ins. is known for its reliable touch-enabled products used in business, education, government and military applications worldwide.