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Teach from anywhere

Teach from the from of the room, the back of the¬†class or by a student’s side – without losing¬†the learning benefits of interacting with digital lessons.

With the Airliner slate, you and your students can interact wirelessly with your SMART Board interactive whiteboard from up to 54 feet (16 m) away. Use the battery-free tethered pen to switch between pen and mouse modes to control any software application, write notes or highlight information.

Interaction for all students

Powered by SMART Board software, the AirLiner wireless slate is a lightweight tool that you can carry with you as you teach. Write out a math problem using the wirelss slate, and then hand it to a student to fill in the answer. Use multiple slates for group seat work such as question and answer sessions The slate supports simultaneous interaction, so multiple students using slates and the SMART Board interactive whiteboard can write notes at the same time.

No matter what your teaching style, you and your students get all the benefits of interacting with lessons, websites and computer programs.

You have a lot of students to teach and plenty of topics to cover. Make it easier to give interactive and motivating with the Airliner wireless slate.

Interactivity with no strings attached
  • Control software applictions and highlight information from anywhere in the classroom.
  • Save your notes and other work to a single file using award-winning SMART Board software.
  • Get your students involved – several students can interact at the same time.