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Complete conferencing solution

Whether you’re meeting and working with people across town or around the world, Bridgit conferencing software offers a simple and affordable way to share voice, video and data over the Internet. It’s quick, it’s easy – it’s complete conferencing solution.

Affordable and effective

ith just an Internet connection, you can write over any application or share your desktop with other participants and talk them through any scenario – all in real time, right from your desk or from a SMART Board interactive whiteboard.

Reduce travel costs, make decisions quickly, engage audiences with dynamic content and keep projects on track by including all stakeholders in your meetings no matter where they are in the world.

It's about time

Bridgit software takes the clutter out of conferencing and helps you get things done. Simply name your conference, invite your participants and launch your session. In less than a minute you can respond to a client, get feedback from colleagues, start a training session or follow up with a sales prospect.