Collaborate in high resolution

The SMART Board interactive display frame breathes new life into teamwork by transforming your plasma display into an interactive display. It combines easy-to-use interactive technology with the many advantages of plasma display technology – perfect for presenting and collaborating.

Simply powerful

The interactive display frame is ready when you are. Using an intuitive pencil to write and erase, and your finger to navigate, you an access computer applications, make notes in digital ink and save all your work to point, e-mail or post online.

Refined design

The lightweight, space-saving frame installs easily on a variety of commersial brands, models and sizes of plasma displays. The glass-free, discreet design preserves the wide-viewing angle and high-resolution image.

Touch precision

When teams get together, ideas can happen in second – with the interactive display frame, you can capture them with ease. Using DViT (Digital Vision Touch) technology, cameras quickly scan the display to create a fast and accurate touch response. So touch the screen to organize, categorize or simply save your notes, instantly and effortlessly.