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The perfect presentation tool

An effective presentation is more than just words spoken. A strong message is based on both verbal and nonverbal messages. That’s why the Sympodium™ interactive pen display is the ideal tool for you to maximize your presentation. You can engage your audience, increase interactivity and impress even the most tech-savvy veterans in the room.

Stand and deliver

With the Sympodium interactive pen display, you don’t have to move from computer to projector, creating distractions and wasting valuable time. Whether you are collaborating on a project or making a presentation, you are the one who controls the pace and flow, making the presentation an active, dynamic process.

If you are collaborating with a few colleagues, you can work from where you’re sitting. If you are presenting in a larger setting, the Sympodium interactive pen display allows you to comfortably interact with your material without losing eye contact with your audience. When finished, save your notes into one convenient file that can then be distributed in several formats.

Just write

Operating the Sympodium interactive pen display is easy. Just connect the display to your computer or collaboration appliance and a projector, and you’re set. You can launch and control applications, open files and write with digital ink over material, including PowerPoint® slides, websites and moving videos, all while your audience sees the same image projected on a large screen.