Succeed with Active Learning

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard has a large interactive screen on which you and your students can explore a website, give a science presentation or take a virtual field trip. It helps you improve student motivation and performance by making inquiry-based learning a dynamic classroom experience.

The key to this experience is touch. You simply touch the surface to select menus and icons. To write notes, pick up a pen and write with either the pen or your finger. You don’t need batteries or special tools that fail or go missing.

Reach All Students

The SMART Board interactive whiteboard meets the needs of boths visual and kinesthetic learners. Students see large, vibrant images and physically interact with material by moving letters, number, words and pictures with their finger. Students with special needs can see and read information easily. They can touch the surface instead of needing the fine motor skills it takes to use a mouse.

Give Dynamic Whole-Class Instruction

With the interactive whiteboard, you have powerful preparation tools and a central focus in class. Before you teach, you can plan lessons at your desktop. The whiteboarding software includes curriculum-specific clip art and templates that support math, literacy and science. You can build a lesson on graph paper, a music sheet or a map of Africa. In the class, you can involve students, add notes and save all information, every step of the way. With the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, you’ll save time and increase success – for every one of your students.