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Display digital images in real time

The SMART Document Camera can help you add spontaneity and interactivity to your classroom, keeping students interested in learning. Use it during a lesson to show real-time images to your entire class on a SMART Board interactive whiteboard. You can also capture images or video and instantly transform them into digital content for your lessons.

Show clear, detailed close-ups

With a 5.2x optical and 8.0x digital zoom, the document camera delivers sharp, vivid images every time. Quickly direct learning by zooming in on the smallest detail or automatically focus images and adjust the brightness by varying light levels. And, the camera’s LED lamp provides enough light for you to show images in a darkened room. You can even align the camera lens to a microscope eyepiece without needing an adapter.

Create interactive lesson content

The document camera comes with SMART Notebook software, which enables you to capture images and add them directly to a Notebook page. The software has many creative features to help you easily turn captures images into interactive material for lessons. You can operate the camera using control buttons built into the software.

Get started quickly in any location

It’s easy for students and teachers to set up and use the SMART Document Camera. It conveniently connects to a computer, SMART Board interactive or other display device. The document camera is also easy to share – carry it between classrooms or move it anywhere in a room. It’s lightweight, and you can use a Kensington cable lock to ensure it’s stored securely in any classroom.