Smartboard Features

  • Touch system – Write, erase and perform mouse functions with your finger, a pen or an eraser – you need no proprietary tools.
  • SMART Pen Tray – Pick up a pen or the eraser, and the pen tray automatically detects which tool you’ve selected. Buttons activate the On-Screen Keyboard, right-click and help function.
  • Digital ink – Write in digital ink over applications, websites and videos.
  • Save function – Capture your work to SMART Board software as a screen shot that you can edit, or save your notes directly into several software applications, including Windows® versions of Microsoft® PowerPoint®, Word and Excel, or into AutoCAD® software.
  • Durable surface – The hard-coated polyester surface is tear proof, optimized for projection, compatible with dry-erase markers and easily cleaned with whiteboard cleaner.
  • Wall-mount bracket – Install your SMART Board interactive whiteboard simply and securely.
  • USB cable – Connect the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to your computer.
  • Expansion slot – Add future hardware upgrades such as a projector-control button.
  • Floor stand (optional) – Mobile, height-adjustable floor stand that includes heavyduty, locking casters and stabilizing safety guards.
  • Speakers (optional) – 15-watt, stereo-amplified speakers, with a two-port USB hub, that mount to the SMART Board interactive whiteboard or the wall.
  • Wireless connection (optional) – Connects your computer via USB and Bluetooth.
  • Warranty – Five years upon product registration, two years standard.
  • SMART Notebook software – Save images, screen captures and notes into a single, presentation-ready file. Convert handwriting to text and save notes and images directly into many software applications.
  • SMART Board Tools – Type with the On-Screen Keyboard, write over digital video, record a presentation and much more.